Podcast Schedule for Serenity 3!

Having talked at length this evening, Toni & Wendy (who present the show) have agreed with Andrew and Mike (producers) that we will present the following shows over the course of the convention:

Friday, 15th September: Show One
This will cover the opening ceremony that takes place on Friday 15th and any other interviews we can do.

Sunday, 17th September: Show Two
This will cover the events on Saturday 16th. As yet no timetable has been published, so we won’t know until Friday what will be going on.

Monday, 18th September: Show Three
This will cover Sunday 17th. As above, we don’t know the timetable but it is a fair bet that this show will include the closing ceremony!

Wendy and Toni are attending the whole event, and we hope to bring the highlights of it to you. We will try to talk to as many fans as we can, and bring you as much other info as posssible. So if you are going and you run into them, make sure you say “Hi.”

The timetable is all subject to change – your best bet is to subscribe to the feed:


and just see what happens!


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