Last Chance to See (well, hear!)

Hi all,

We have decided to remove the first two episodes from the feed. Although the content is great, the audio quality of the episodes are not, and if a new subscriber starts with these we are worried that it may put them off!

The first two episodes will be available until Friday, 6th October, at which point we will be archiving them. You can download them via the feed, or click on the following links to download them direct:
Episode #1
Episode #2

If you want to download the whole set manually, go ahead, here are the other three:
Episode #3
Episode #4
Episode #5

Happy listening!


2 thoughts on “Last Chance to See (well, hear!)”

  1. Finally got around to catching up on these. great entertainment and especially interesting to hear from Equality Now. Ok off to listen to Episode 6 now. πŸ™‚


  2. Meh. Having the compleat series of a program is quite important. It may be in your opinion that the first 2 eps were not at adeqaute quality, but they allow the listeners to see hoiw the program has grown, and improved.

    The Signal wasn’t the same as it is now, they continue to improve the content and quality of the program, but should that determine that the past episodes aren’t worthy? I think not. So, leave the first 2 eps up, and chock it up to experience, okay? I can’t get enough of Toni and Wmndy’s voices. πŸ˜€


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