Big Damned Flanvention II

This weekend, Booster Events are running their latest convention, The Big Damned Flanvention II, in LA, and Wendy will be there!

She will hopefully be recording an interview with the organisers, as well as fans, and will be phoning live into the next show, which is being recorded at the weekend for release early next week!

The exact release date of the next show will be announced at the weekend, in the meantime if you are going to the Flan have a great time, please leave us some feedback on the event (+44 7870 667905) and try and catch Wendy!

Bye for now!


One thought on “Big Damned Flanvention II”

  1. I was heartbroken to learn the bad news about the Flan. I do hope the Backup Bash is a go! Do your best to party with the California Browncoats & please send us a report!!! Despite the bad news, I still wish I were there. Rooster


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