Oxford Shindig (Last Weekend)

Sorry, meant to post this last week but what with work and stuff never got round to it!

I’d just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who made us all feel very welcome and record a load of stuff for Sending a Wave at the shindig in Oxford last weekend. Personally, this is only the second Shindig I have ever attended and it was really nice to put some faces to the names on the forums and indeed voices to the faces on the Frappr map!

The four of us had a good time (but then Toni always has a good time if she discovers that she is less than 1km from a Lush shop!) – good food, good company. Thank you all also for letting us record the material we recorded at the pub, this will form the main part of show 13, which will probably be out early February, but we will keep you posted.

So again, thanks to Zol, Sarah and Richard for taking part in the show!

Thanks also to Nick Edwards, who was at the Shindig but had to leave before we went on to the pub and did the recording. He has sent us some great feedback, as well as an article about the Firefly Music Project CD Songs from the Black, which we will cover in a show soon, that is in the planning stages as we speak!

Thanks to Zol for the picture of Wendy outside a curiously named shop, although she denies everything!

Finally, most of us are attending the London Shinding on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th, so we will hopefully meet more of you then!

4 thoughts on “Oxford Shindig (Last Weekend)”

  1. Git!!! I only went to Lush twice (and 1 of those times you were with me!)It was great to meet some new people and see some familiar faces. Sarah special thanks for going with me to Lush so I could buy nice things. It was lovely chatting with you (maybe we can embarass Mike and Andrew again sometime.)I hope to make to another Oxford shindig soon, it was fun.Thanks to everyone for the welcome and to Nick for recognising me when I said hi (closest I’ll ever get to stardom……….I hope).Toni.


  2. Umm. shouldn’t the dates for the London Shindig be 26th and 27th? Otherwise we’ve all missed it!See you there….or if not then I’ve very seriously screwed up! Nick


  3. Gorram gatecrashers…Nah, seriously, it was great to meet you all and I for one had a brilliant time. See y’all at the London Shindig!Spooky how we ended up at exactly the same table in the restaurant and exactly the same snug in the Eagle & Child as the last Oxford Shindig. Maybe if we keep it up they’ll put up blue plaques to us after we’re all dead and Firefly is a treasured cultural icon taught in high schools…Richard.


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