Another new show from Futility Radio!

The much vaunted podcast – Cadmium II – is finally available. The point of this new show is to look in detail at British Cult TV, Film and Radio, and we have a lot of ground to cover!

In this first show, we examine the first ever episode of Doctor Who, entitled An Unearthly Child from 1963. Future topics include shows such as TimeSlip, cult radio such as The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, and even some movies, including some James Bond!

The website for the new show can be found by clicking here, at the moment we are in the process of registering the show with iTunes, but you can subscribe by opening iTunes first then clicking here. The show does not have an explicit tag, (we bleep out the occasion profanity) but the show has the same light hearted feel that makes Sending a Wave so much fun to listen to.

The email address for Cadmium II is Please send us some feedback or suggestions about the show.

The next Sending a Wave should arrive before the weekend… fingers crossed!!



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