Extra Stuff Available

Well, those of you who have seen our podcast feed will have seen that the first show that is available is show 3. This is because shows 1 and 2 were not produced by Futility Radio and, whilst very enthusiastically put together, the production standards are, well, awful. We were worried that if the first show available on the feed was show 1, once people listened to it they might never ever come back!

So, we have now put together a short promo (a short of “Show 0”) to head up the podcast feed, as well as an apology at the start of the first two episodes explaining why they are so… different! We know that some completists want the early shows (clever boffins have managed to download them even though they have not been in the feed for quite a while!)

If you want to download these shows manually, please click on the links below:

Show Zero
Show One
Show Two

Show 23 is out Wednesday,

See y’all,


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