Show 29 is here

Hello everyone, wow I hadn’t realised that we hadn’t updated the site for so long. So, Happy New Year to all of our listeners, and here is our first show of 2008!

In this show we talk to Ben Mund who designed the Serenity Ships papers for QMX (click here to go to their website).

We also have Rosie Chapman in studio with us – a well travelled Browncoat who tells us about some of her travels and some of the people she has met around the world. She also provided us with a bumper a while back – but we will talk about that on the show.

If you wish to download the show manually, click here.

It’s a long one this time (sorry!) and in fact there is more to come, as in a fortnight we have an interview with the team promoting Kids Need to Read. That’s on the 30th, so see you then!


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