Qmx: “Better Days Big Haul Giveaway”, Creation announce Summer Glau for November and “Dr Horrible” trailer hits the web

Hope you’ve all found your way here from the previous site.  Andrew and Paul (Cadmium 2) have been using WordPress for a while and figured it was idiot proof enough for me …

Ever wondered just what 1 million cashy money notes would feel like?  Thanks to a new competition by our friends at Qmx, you just might be the lucky so-and-so who finds out!  Running from 30 June to 30 September, Qmx (in conjunction with Dark Horse comics) are saying a huge “thank you” to Browncoats worldwide for their past, present and continued support by hosting a draw where the prizes are enough to have you drooling!

To qualify, you must purchase one of their classic money packs (currently $17.95 or less than £10 for those of us in the UK!) direction from the Qmx website.  Each purchase will automatically qualify you into the draw.  Rather than me listing the prizes, why don’t you head off here to view for yourself?

Just as an aside, during our Big Damn Stateside adventure in February, I was very lucky to see the Kaylee maquette in the “flesh” so to speak and it is as pretty and cute as it’s photo suggests.  

On the 1 July, Creation announced Summer Glau as their latest guest to their “Salute to Serenity” convention at the Burbank Marriott in November.  

For our viewing delectation, Joss has released the trailer for “Dr Horrible” and you can read a letter from Joss giving details of the release here


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