Dr Horrible – only 1 episode left

Have you all been watching?  Stupid question, I know …

Sending A Wave Manor has been giggling along and applauds that episode 2 has given us one of the best line of dialogue since, “the angels have the phonebox”.  I’m not sure if the phrase, “it’s hammer time” can ever be looked on in quite the same manner again.

Sadly, only one episode left, but we are eagerly anticipating the DVD release (er, NOW, please?) and a show of hands for a sequel?

If you also haven’t noticed by now, there are also t-shirts to buy which can be found here.


One thought on “Dr Horrible – only 1 episode left”

  1. I just purchased all 3 Acts from i-Tunes. I played them for my husband, thinking that he would shrug them off as silly – but he LOVED them! He can’t wait for the DVDs because he’s hopeful for some cool special features.

    Oh, and we have our hands waving in the air for the sequel!


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