Show 37 now available

Our August show (number 37) is now available to download.

In this show, we introduce our new presesenter, Odile Thomas, who listeners will remember from previous shows, including our CSTS retrospectives from last year.  Odile, Wendy and Andrew discuss recent news and then in the second half of the show we listen to a report that Wendy recorded at the Warwick CSTS screening earlier in the year.  Many thanks to everyone who was interviewed at the event, and many thanks to Odile for setting up the screening.  (When Wendy interviewed Odile at the event, we did not know that she was going to join us on a more regular basis).

We also have a report from Tabetha, who ran the Leicester event.  Thanks for sending that to us!

This is the longest show we have put out to date, at about 95 minutes, so sorry if there’s anyone out there who likes to burn them onto a CD, ‘cos it won’t fit!

You can download the show by clicking here.  See you next month!


2 thoughts on “Show 37 now available”

  1. Great to hear this podcast and congratulations to Odile – she’s a natural 🙂
    Just to clarify, it is TabAtha who ran the Leicester event 🙂


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