“Lakeview Terrace” and when fandoms collide (prt 2)

This one completely slipped me by, even when I’m having to look at IMDB as part of my job, so I am so very pleased to correct this appalling oversight – Ron Glass has a role in the new Samuel L Jackson drama, “LAKEVIEW TERRACE” which also stars Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington.  Although the film has been released in the US, it is due to be released by Sony on 5 December here in the UK.

In an earlier blog, I’m hoping that I did say that Nathan Fillion’s new TV series, “Castle” has been picked up by ABC for air in 2009.  In an episode of the podcast, I said to Andrew that the pilot has been directed by “Star Trek” and “X-Files” alumni, Rob Bowman, what has come to my attention is that the series has been created by Andrew Marlowe.  Mr Marlowe has written “THE HOLLOW MAN”, “END OF DAYS” and one that is of particular interest to me, “AIR FORCE ONE”.  Regular followers of Whedonesque will know that the pilot has received one online review which after reading, makes me happy that it is likely to be more “Jason King” than “Murder, She Wrote”.


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