A request from Dr Horrible … and further SAG news

Given the pecularities of living in different time zones, overnight a shiny vertical1new “Dr Horrible” request popped into my inbox.  As most of our US cousins are aware, in early January People magazine hold their annual awards as voted for by us.  Well, okay, actually mostly YOU there in America-land, but of course thanks to the interweb device, we can all have our say on the few remaining categories that People have decided to leave open for a bit longer (you do of course realise that if “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and Harrison Ford have not been voted winners in their particular categories, I’ll be sending The Boys round …)  One of these categories is “Favourite Online Sensation”, which of course has our favourite Super-Villan and his blog as one of the choices.  We can vote every day by going to The People’s Choice Awards website and basically voting until you can’t anymore.

News from Variety is that the Screen Actors Guild will be  balloting their members on possible strike action on 2 January.  The Guild require 75% of the 120,000 membership in favour of this action for the strike to happen.  Variety reports that authorization ballots will only be sent to those members whose dues are current which could bring the membership figure down to 110,000 and even if the membership were in favour of such action, the final decision can only be made by the Guild’s national board of directors and the belief is that any strike action is a final resort.


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