December Show now available to download

Well, our December show, show 41 (our final for 2008) is now available to download.  In it, Wendy tells us about her first experience of a Creation Convention, in this case the Firefly Convention held in Los Angeles in November.  We get to hear from fans she spoke to, as well as an interview with two of the team that are bringing us the much anticipated Bellflower fan film – Bentley Oustley (who is composing the music) and Sean Kennedy who is providing some of the CG effects.

The show can be downloaded via our RSS feed (see the details to the right) on directly by clicking here.

As I said, this is the final show for 2008 but we will be back next month with more stuff.  2008 has been an awesome year for us here on this podcast, and we hope you stick with us for 2009.  Many thanks for all of your support!


3 thoughts on “December Show now available to download”

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks so much for including the segment on Bellflower in your podcast. It was great meeting you at the convention and hope to talk to you more as the film progresses. Thank you for your support!

    Bentley Ousley – Bellflower score composer


  2. Hi Wendy,
    I was pleased to see you again in Burbank. It was a kick to turn the tables and interview YOU comparing the Creation Con to B3–though I apologize for not re-introducing myself to give you my name. It was a good time, and it was special as I was able to bring my daughter whom I converted after B3. James and Lynn were wonderful hosts of evening get-togethers in The Daily Grill, and it was good to speak to Scott again and catch up on Ariel ambulance news. I also won the Bellflower cast long-sleeve T-shirt (well… my daughter has it now). Anyway…wonderful to see you, and my best to all the Sending A Wave Crew.
    Bob Finegold (Yarmouth, ME)
    P.S. On the Firefly Blu-Ray, there is also a new cast commentary for “Our Mrs. Reynolds.” It’s a must-listen.


  3. Hey Bob

    It was fab to see you again and thanks for turning the tables; I know Andrew and
    Odile were looking forward to listening to it when I told them what happened. 🙂 I should have asked for your name as I did recognize you from B3 – sorry.

    As I said on the show, unfortunately I don’t own either a HD TV or a blu-ray player yet and really the discussion was the only thing I was able to watch before I had to leave to go to LAX for my homebound flight. Luckily though, a couple of my friends are able to watch blu-ray and we’re planning a viewing in the not-too-distant future, so I genuinely can’t wait.

    Congratulations on winning The Bellflower tee. We spoke with MJ and Bentley again this morning, so listen out for that.

    Take care and hopefully see you soon


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