QMx’s Crimbo Winner!

Browncoats have a Crimbo 2008 favourite.  sold1QMx’s “I Aim To Misbehave” maquette of Mal by Adam Levermore-Rich which is the second of the “Little Damn Heroes” range to be released went on pre-sale on Saturday 20th December PST; QMx announced that by midnight PST, over half of the stock had been pre-ordered.  If you haven’t ordered yours, be quick, you might just get the last few.

The fabulous thing about this maquette is that for every one sold, a donation will be made to “Kids Need To Read”, which regular listeners will know is a literacy charity foundered by Nathan Fillion and PJ Haarsma.

I kept saying to Andy and the QMx guys and gals that it was a shame that


they didn’t open the pre-order for Mal at Creation – looks like it was a good thing they didn’t, not sure if there would have been any left …

Congratulations to Andy, Adam and the rest of QMx and to Denise and everyone at KNTR what a cracking end to 2008 and start to 2009!


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