Greatest Movie Gang

Brit film mag, Empire, has compiled another one of their lists; this time “25 Greatest Movie Gangs” and once again the crew of the good ship Serenity makes the grade.

imagesOur BDHs make their no 15 beating the classic “7 Samurai” (at 23), “The D.I.V.A.S.” (from both volumes of “KILL BILL” at 18 ) and even knocking Wolverine and his fellow X-Men into no 17!  The only question I have is c’mon lads – the crew of the Sulacco should have been no 1!  But each to his own.  Before I leave this, special mention to Alan Tudyk who has 2 entries.  Yes, “The Average Joes” from the wonderful “DODGEBALL” starts the list at 25.

Yet again, it is with great sadness that I mention yet another loss to the media SF world – Bob May.  The name will mean nothing to most people because we never “saw” him on screen, but he was the human inside the robot from “Lost In Space”.  I know I’m really showing my age here, but I loved “Lost In Space”, and I remember desperately trying to get my mother to buy me a pair of ankle boots when I was between 3 and 5 simply because they were “like the ones that Penny and Will wear”.  My fate was sealed!


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