Browncoats Redemption posted a little treat

You may remember us mentioning Browncoat Redemption, a new Fan film in progress a couple of shows ago…

We were lucky enough to get to chat with them a while ago and you should hear all about this pretty soon but while we putting the finishing touches on this show I thought I would share this you their latest posting, a sneak preview of their very own Redemption and she is pretty!

Click here to go and see the Preliminary Set Images and Ship Designs of the Ship Redemption, Alex Bradley’s excellent work.

Enjoy and let us know what you think about it… better still let them know what you think!

Stay shiny for now! 


3 thoughts on “Browncoats Redemption posted a little treat”

  1. I’ve just started catching up with your podcast, and I think that it’s hilarioous, you guys are a riot! I met Mike and Steve of the Redemption project this past weekend at Balticon/FarPointCon.

    But more importantly, right now, Firefly is fighting it out with Jericho for top spot over at TVTally or So, whenever you see this, head over and help the rest of the Browncoats squash those that intend to encroach on our beloved BDS.


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