Be the voice of Redemption!

If you have heard show 44 you know that Sending a Wave and Browncoats Redemption have teamed up to run a competition: Be the voice of Redemption!

So if you want a part in the up and coming fan film Browncoats Redemption but can’t make it to any of the castings shootings and so on… well you still can! The voice of Redemption is up for grab!

“What do I have to do?” I hear you think… well it’s quite simple: record the following lines as a MP3 file and send it to us at:


Here is what Mike from Browncoat Redemption wants you to record:

  1.  Redemption voice recognition system online.
  2.  Sovereign of all knowledge, my diodes reverently wait for your ever eloquent commands.


And here are a couple of tips to let you know what the people of BR are looking for:

  • keep in mind that she’s a ship and if the lines could be delivered as “matter of fact” while still sounding cute…that would be great.
  • Redemption would respond much the same way Mr. Universe’s Lovebot would. She has pre-programmed things that are responses. These just happen to be two of them.


Now get recording!


2 thoughts on “Be the voice of Redemption!”

  1. Ni hao, Wendy and Odile, I’m catching up slowly, still working on the 2006 feeds. I just saw the news about Redemption, and that is SHINY! I met Mike and Steve at FarPointCon last weekend, and sat in on their presentation of a new business model for Fan Film makers. They are good folks, have good senses of humor, but know how to get down to business as well. Keep an eye peeled for news from and about them, they start filming in April. Likeley have the film ready for a screening at DragonCon 2010.


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