Wavecard 2009 and the con season starts here

Over the course of the weekend, Aaron and Eric from www.savefirefly.org contacted us to let us know details of the wavecard campaign that they are organsing at their site.  They are asking all Browncoats to send Universal a postcard or better still one of the fabulous “wavecards” from Qmx, asking them to consider greenlighting a sequel to “SERENITY”.  The mailing date is 2 March and please go to their website where you will find all the addresses and details you need to lend your support.


The weekend just past, saw me attending “Chevron 7.2” as “Stargate SG1/Atlantis” convention in the heart of Bedfordshire run by relative newcomers to the UK  convention scene, Massive Events.  I had a fabulous time (I’m still feeling rather delicate), the organizers – Jason and Mark –  and their crew work extremely hard to make sure that their attendees have a great time with great memories (this time it was a stick of Abydos rock in the con package, a mechanical bull for the Friday night party and roulette and blackjack tables on Saturday night with a free stake token for every attendee!).  Readers and listeners will recall that it is these people who are organizing “Hallowhedon”, a Whedonverse con in October this year – believe me, it’s going to be fun.  They are running other cons during the course of the year and I’m planning to be attending “Better Than Life”, their “Red Dwarf” con in June.  Please go to their website, www.massiveevents.co.uk for further details of that and other conventions that they will be running during 2009.


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