March Show is out! (yes… we are still in March…)


We have been taking a bit of a break this month but we have a treat for you nonetheless!

A little while back we managed to corner Paul from Cadmium2 and made him watch Bushwhacked 🙂

Enjoy!  (To download direct click here.)

We will be back in the second half of April with the result of “Be the voice of Redemption”, until then, stay shiny!


4 thoughts on “March Show is out! (yes… we are still in March…)”

  1. So, I know why Jayne is still there. On the ship there’s a chance (granted, smallish) that he might not sell them out. If Mal kicked him off, what’s stopping him from going straight to the authorities? Frankly, even with the trouble Jayne causes it’s a lot safer to keep him around than to kick him out.


  2. G’ah! I want to download this but can’t find a link to pull the MP3. (I’m a luddite and prefer to download the MP3’s rather than susbcribe). Help!


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