Travels to the Lone Star State; Nathan Fillion charity eBay lunch; PJ Haarsma signing

Yes, I have returned from my sojourn in the Lone Star State.  I had a totally fabulous time meeting both the Dallas/Fort Worth Browncoats (wave to Roon, Glen and Jesse) and the Austin Browncoats (wave to you all!).  Naturally my trusty recorder was on hand, so please stay with us for the next couple of shows where lone-star1we’ll be airing the fruits of those meetings.  If you find yourself in  D/FW and Austin, contact the lads and lasses and I can assure you that you will find a hearty welcome.

Being on travels and keeping away from pesky emails, late in the day (yet again!), it has come to my attention about a rather special charity auction currently happening on  As many of us are aware, Adrienne Shelly – the director of “WAITRESS” – lost her life under tragic circumstances.  As a legacy, The Adrienne Shelly Foundation supporting women filmmakers was launched and currently there are fundraising auctions in  Until 16 April (told you I was late, but we in Europe could use the time difference to our advantage!), you can bid on many  items including “Bones” boxed set DVDs signed by the entire cast, VIP tickets to a Jimmy Buffett concert and lunches with Ally Sheedy, David Schwimmer, Nathan Fillion and Kevin Smith amongst others.

Currently the bid for the lunch with Mr Fillion stands at $2,325 which you can find here.   Unfortunately, the top bid (less than 24 hours left!) falls a tad short when compared to “Mad Men” topliner, Jon Hamm ($2,850) and Kevin Smith ($3,551 – but it is Kevin Smith …)  Here’s hoping that someone must be able to do better than $2,325.  If you are thinking of bidding, if this helps, I can personally vouch for Mr Fillion’s excellent manners.   Seriously, I know finances are tough all round, but all these lunches are a unique opportunity and who knows, one of the women who benefit from your generosity, could go on to be one of the most acclaimed filmmakers.

Before I forget, I know that many of you already know that the third book in PJ Haarsma’s excellent “Rings of Orbis” series is about to be published (yay!).  On Saturday 18 April, PJ will be signing at the Barnes & Noble, Oceanside CA from 3pm.  If you’re in the area, pop along, buy a copy and say “hi” to PJ, who knows maybe he’s bringing his alien artifact with him …



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