Good News Sunday and The Bellflower

Dearly beloved, we gather here today to witness the renewal of US TV shows; to bask in the glory that is the correct decisions by the US networks:

Fox has renewed “Dollhouse”.  UK’s Sci-Fi Channel begins to air this week (if memory serves Tuesday 19 May) so program your hard drive recorders and Sky+ boxes.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that ABC has renewed “Castle”.  However, before we open that second bottle of champagne, the network has not officially confirmed this and will not be doing so until Tuesday, when it formally announces it’s Autumn schedule.

ABC has c0nfirmed that the “V” remake/re-imagining/re-whatever has had it’s initial episode order increased to the basic 13.  

Lastly, our friends at The Bellflower have both revamped their website and also have space on QMx’s “Shipworks” area.  If you haven’t found either of these, they are very much worth checking out.


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