May Show (2) now available

The second May show (don’t y’all get too used to two shows per month!) is now available.  In it, we discuss some of the good news we have been getting with series renewals recently, and talk to two of the organisers for this years’ CSTS screenings.

We don’t, however, reveal the results of the Browncoat: Redemption competiton – sorry, we want to interview the finalists before we reveal the winner, and we haven’t had time to do that yet.

The show can be downloaded direct from here.


2 thoughts on “May Show (2) now available”

  1. Awesome show as always guys! CSTS really appreciates all you do to help us get the word out, not only on the screenings but also about the important “why we are here” issues and Equality Now.

    We are going to be linking you up on our Friend’s of CSTS page if you don’t mind. And Andrew, when you get your cycle event together, please let us know and we’ll see how we can promote it and help out.

    Thanks again guys, you totally rock!


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