And the winner is…


This is our June show and, as my cunning title seems to indicate, we are revealing who will be THE Voice of Redemption!

But as we are wicked, in all the possible meanings of this word, you will have to listen to the show to find out!

Let me take this opportunity to thank once more all the people who took the time to either enter the “Be the voice of Redemption” competition or to vote for one of the finalists! Merci!!

So… you want to listen to our 49th show? Find it here!

In the show we are also talking about the CSTS taking place in Warwick next weekend, we will be doing show 51 from there! If you want more information about it click here!

And just in case… you are wondering if I made a mistake when I typed the CSTS Warwick show, I haven’t! So you guessed it, this week you will have another show, our big FIVE  ZERO show!

We can’t believe we made it there! Can you? So if you want to celebrate our big 50 show join us later on this week!

Stay shiny!


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