ABC starts to promote “Castle” season 2 and Tim Minear runs with Tenctonese

Personally, I’m not totally sure if this is the right place for this, but it certainly made me laugh this afternoon.

My daily news email from The Hollywood Reporter threw this rather fun tidbit for all of us who enjoyed watching the first season of “Castle”:

Mystery novel tie-in set for second season of ABC series

By James Hibberd

June 30, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

As networks brainstorm dizzying high-tech ways to promote shows online and via social networks, ABC is adopting a decidedly retro medium to excite viewers for the upcoming second season of “Castle”: a book.

Because the show’s protagonist, Richard Castle, is a best-selling author of mysteries, what more appropriate tie-in than to publish an actual mystery novel written by the character?

Starting Aug. 10, the first chapter of a novel titled “Heat Wave,” credited to Richard Castle, will debut on as a round of on-air repeats lead up to the Season 2 premiere in late September.

The network will post the first half of the book, a chapter a week, for 10 weeks. The full novel will be published Sept. 29 by Disney sister company Hyperion. The story apparently is a stand-alone mystery with cross-over elements to the on-screen story.

The network teamed with Hyperion for 2006’s “Lost” tie-in “Bad Twin” and “The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer,” which tied in to the ABC miniseries “Rose Red.” Both sold quite well. The real author of “Heat Wave” is not being unveiled.”

Any of you who regularly read fan fiction from, know that there is now an amount of “Castle” fan fic there and one author has been also posting fiction on the official “Castle” forum on
Variety has also reported that Tim Minear will also be working on a new “Alien Nation” project for the Sci Fi Channel (soon to be SyFy or as the Farpoint Media alum have dubbed it “Syphillis Channel”).  Regular listeners to the show know that “Alien Nation” is a favourite of mine and Andrew’s.  If you have never seen the TV show, check it out as original producer, Kenneth Johnson, created a particularly rich universe.  I have every confidence that Mr Minear will equal the standard set.

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