Jewel Staite at London Film and Comic Con

I hope that many of our readers will in the UK will already know that Jewel Staite is in the UK this weekend for the annual London Film and Comic Con run by Showmasters International.

imagesI was able to attend yesterday and was there for the afternoon Q & A session that Miss Staite did with Michael Shanks.  As expected most of the questions were regarding “Stargate SG1” and “Stargate Atlantis” but Miss Staite confirmed that she would gladly return to engineer duties on board Serenity were it ever to be given another opportunity, and her favourite “Firefly” episode is “Out of Gas”.

Those of you on Twitter and who follow both Miss Staite and Nathan Fillion will also be aware that last weekend, Chateau Fillion saw a “Firefly/SERENITY” reunion barbeque and Miss Staite shared that “it was a great party”.

A question was put to her asking if she would like to be in an episode of the upcoming second season of “Dollhouse”?  Her reply was that she had been asked to be in a first season episode, but as with her possible involvement with the last season of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, it proved impossible for her to gain her US work visa in time and so was unable to accept the role; however, as her visa is all sorted now, she would love to be in a second season episode should it be possible.


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