Nerd Fight!

I know that I have just Twittered this, but what with Dragon*Con coming up, it pays to Be Prepared: The Correctness have posted this more than funny blog and, well, despite all best intentions we’ve all ended up in conversations such as these …

What news so far this week – Variety announced on 13 August thatBryan Singer is currently attached to direct a big-screen “re-imagining” of “BATTLESTAR GALACTICA”.  According to Variety, this is Mr Singer’s second attempt at the property and has the backing of original creator, Glen A Larson who will be producing.   This film is likely to bear little relation to the recent TV series as reimagined by Ron Moore.

Warner Bros has announced a re-make of it’s 1981 SF thriller “OUTLAND”.  The original film starred Sean Connery as a Marshal investigating a murder in a mining colony on Io.  There is no word as to casting, but will be directed by Michael Davis, who is quoted in Variety as saying, “We’re staying true to the thematic heart of ‘Outland’ while expanding the space frontier concept.”  Hmm, quite.


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