“Chuck” 3D!

“Chuck” 3D airs in the UK, Jonathan Frakes directs an episode of “Dollhouse” and a great Kids Need To Read auction


3D CHUCK-1This week, the 3D episode of “Chuck” is aired in Blighty.  If you haven’t already got your free glasses from Virgin 1, they are also available attached to the current issue of TV and Satellite Weekly.  You’ve got all of Monday to get yours!  Don’t forget “Chuck” fans, monitoring glasses requests and magazine sales could be another way that Warner is measuring overseas audience numbers for the show; as Tesco are more than fond of telling us, “every little helps” …

As a Will Riker fan (yes, there really does have to be one …), I was more than

Frakes Dolhouse

pleased with the news that Jonathan Frakes has directed an episode of the second series of “Dollhouse”.  Personally, I hope it isn’t just the one as I do think the episodes he directed on “Star Trek: TNG” were amongst the best of the entire series, I think it’s a given that “STAR TREK – FIRST CONTACT” is the best of the “TNG” films and arguably the second best of the entire 11 films to date.  I also didn’t think “THUNDERBIRDS” was that bad (best if you were under 10) once you closed your ears to the stupid voiceover at the beginning (Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner: Brits know all about Thunderbirds, most of us grew up watching it – we didn’t need a voice over).   Thanks to Shawna Trpcic for posting the photo of Mr Frakes with Miracle Laurie on her Twitter.

Lastly, KNTR has another eBay auction happening right now.  In March, Nathan Fillion made an appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” and was shown a fan made Captain Hammer figure.  The creator has now made 4 sets; but this is the only set being auctioned off to fans, is the only one with Penny and this Captain Hammer has been signed by Nathan.  The top bid currently stands at $610 and you have 1 day and about 8 hours before the close (at the time of typing this post), so if you want to have your chance at owning what really is a virtual one-off, please go here and good luck.

3 thoughts on ““Chuck” 3D!”

    1. Thanks for the link Sherby.

      I’m sorry about the headache, but I must admit that I enjoy “Chuck” in the same manner in which I enjoyed “Castle” – they’re both just fun, popcorn TV; nothing heavy and I can simply have a laugh.


  1. Popcorn TV is a great way to think about it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with watching a fun, throwaway hour of television, not everything has to be ‘groundbreakng’.


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