Dragon*Con 2009 and news, NEws, NEWS

To paraphrase the late, great Douglas Adams, “Dragon*Con is big.  I mean really big.” In fact the only thing that is missing is a towel and I do think the organizers should consider putting “don’t panic” in large, friendly letters on their pocket guide.

I had such a fabulous time.  My thanks to the crew of The Signal who kindly allowed me to join them for their live show, Andy and the QMx team, PJ Haarsma, Denise Gary and assorted KNTR peeps, the tour-de-force that is Mike Dougherty and the cast and crew of “Browncoats: Redemption”, the Austin Browncoats and for all the Browncoats who wore a costume or t-shirt declaring that our show may be gone, but it isn’t forgotten.

imagesThe first piece of news that I want to mention is quite important.  Many of you have (I’m hoping) been wondering what has been happening with London artist, Martin Firrell’s “Hero” project featuring Nathan Fillion.  Well, quite a lot actually; while Nathan was in London appearing at Collectormania 15 in June, he also did some pick ups with Martin for the piece and there have been additions of authors and serving members of the Queen’s Guards.  The website has been rejuvenated and once more we are being encouraged to help shape the piece by adding to the blog.  Please, go and have a look.

I know that the following is “old” news buuuut, what the heck?  Summer Glau is moving into the “Dollhouse” for the forthcoming season along with Alexis Denisof. Former BSG alumn, Jamie Bamber is featured as a client in one of the early episodes.

Alan Tudyk’s “High Poon” short of “James Gunn’s PG Porn” series is still available on spike.com.  I, personally, have found this series to be very funny with “Helpful Bus” being particularly hilarious.

Gina Torres will be appearing on next season’s “Gossip Girl” as “Vanessa’s mother”.  Let me be completely honest, I have no idea of the significance as I never watch the show, but I do know it’s popular.

As part of the NYC tub-thumping for the near imminent second season of “Castle”, Nathan Fillion will be making an appearance at the NYC Apple Store in SoHo on 18 September where I’m sure many people will be learning about iPhone apps they never dreamed existed.  During the hiatus months, ABC commissioned an actual “Nikki Heat” novel which will also be published in the US shortly and if you are interested the first 3 chapters are available on their website as part of their “Castle” microsite.  I’m not a huge fan of the murder-mystery genre, but I did quite like what I read.  The last time I perused Amazon.co.uk, I’m fairly certain I saw that “Heat Wave” is to be published here in Blighty in January, so maybe that means we finally get to see the show officially at last?

Staying on the Fillion slant; Kids Need To Read have their 2010 calendars for sale on eBay.  Go, support – we all need a calendar.

Neatly segueing but still staying with fundraising: “Browncoats: Redemption”.  Mike and the crew had a panel as part of D*C’s Whedon Track  which was so well attended that about 50 people couldn’t get in.  The teaser trailer was screened twice to much enthusiasm from everyone present.

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