Wow, er, yeah, been a while …

Yes – it has been a while, so moving on …

As many of you know, I was in the the US in November attending Creation Entertainment’s “Salute to Firefly and Serenity” event.  It was fabulous to catch up with our friends from the SoCal Browncoats, Austin Browncoats, QMx, KNTR and “Browncoats: Redemption”.  I can assure you that there was much conversation and merry-making.

The day I returned to the UK, it was the Starfury event, “Cylon Attack” at Heathrow (how handy!) which included Morena Baccarin, Jonathan Woodward and Sean Maher (returning to the UK after an absence of 3 years!) as guests.  Odile also attended “Cylon Attack”, she and I recorded our next two forthcoming shows there and I’m going to write about both conventions in a separate entry.

I know that this is late news, but the Producers Guild of America announced in late November that Joss Whedon is the latest recipient of their Vanguard Award.  This award recognizes achievements in new media and technology and will be presented at the Guild’s annual awards ceremony on 24 January 2010.  Joss is in more than excellent company with this award as past recipients include George Lucas, James Cameron and John Lasseter to name just three.

Also in November, we were contacted by a new listener, Michael Hudson, who told us about a new audio drama called “Miranda: A Survivor’s Story”.  Unfortunately, since coming back from the US, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had an opportunity to listen to it yet, but as I have been very overdue in sharing this, please go to their website here to listen.

Prior to the conventions, Martin Firrell exhibited his long-awaited “H E R O” which featured Nathan Fillion in early November.  For all who couldn’t travel to London to see it, Martin has posted two pieces on YouTube (here and here).  The work was exhibited at the Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks in central London and was made more poignant that particular week due to the deaths of British serviceman, one of whom was stationed at the barracks.

Lastly and I make no apologies for this being completely un-“Firefly/SERENITY” related – there is going to be a feature film of classic British SF TV series, “UFO”.  For those of you not in the know, “UFO” was the first live-action TV series from legendary producer, Gerry Anderson (“Thunderbirds”, “Joe 90” and “Captain Scarlet” puppet shows).  I’m going to unfurl my flag – I am an unashamed “UFO” fan!  I love this show AND was the subject of my very first 2-page “what I did at the weekend” essay when I was 6, so as you can understand that I have a particular interest in this project.  The film is to be directed by Matthew Gratzner and written by Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek.  It has already been announced that Joshua Jackson has been cast as “Paul Foster” and recent news has Ali Larter in talks for “Virginia Lake” (you want strong female SF characters?  Start watching “UFO”!); no news on casting the lead character, “Ed Straker”.  As always, unfortunately when non-Brits deal with quintessential British TV, one can’t help but feel apprehensive, but it’s happening and we’ll judge when it’s ready.  If this interests you, there’s an interview with Matthew Gratzner here.



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