Show 58 coming to you from Cylon Attack.

Hello and Happy New Year!

As you can see we tried to bring out show 58 a bit sooner than usual as it is really the second part of show 57 since we recorded them one after the other… oups I am letting all our secrets out!

So in this show Wendy and Odile are talking about “Cylon Attack” … Odile vents a few of my frustrations…, bear with her!

We also have a few treats for you, in the guise of interviews with Browncoat Fashions (find them here!), the CSTS 2010 Edmonton people, Andy Gore form QMX and a bit more from “Browncoats: Redemption”, as you know we love these guys! (remember you can go and watch their trailers here!!

As usual you can listen to the show here or find us on iTunes!

Enjoy the show and drop us a line!


5 thoughts on “Show 58 coming to you from Cylon Attack.”

  1. I was really looking forward to this podcast (loved the QMX interview in this one btw) but mostly I was looking to coverage on the Cylon Attack panels, since I couldn’t be there myself 😦 There wasn’t a lot of content on that in this podcast…will there be more in the next one? I like hearing about your experiences and all – although they were pretty negative, but hey, sometimes that happens! – but I would have loved to hear more about what was actually said in the panels themselves. This isn’t a flame, more of a hopeful request. and please keep up the good work, this has been one of my favorite podcasts for a couple years now!


    1. Hi!
      And thank you for putting us amongst your fav. podcasts!
      And yes our coverage of Cylon Attack was a bit on the negative side… and was more on my reaction to it than the Con itself… sorry.
      Not sure we will cover it a bit more in our next podcast either, it was a while ago and a lot of “real life” stuff have happened between then and now… once again, sorry..


  2. Hi guys. Great last couple of shows! BTW, the mother and daughter from Canada who came to talk to you almost certainly were Lindsay Coderre and her mum. Lindsay being the lovely lady who designed the art for The First Rule of Flying: Songs from the Black II for The Signal as well as the winner of the Kids Need To Read web banner competition (and her design is in use by KNTR) .(She also actually won last year’s Signal competition to get free tickets to Creation (liked it so much which is why she was back this year 🙂



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