Show 59 out now!

Hello and welcome to our latest show!

Want to hear a croaky French voice?

You got it!

Want to hear us talk about the lovely English weather?

You got it!

Want to hear more about the new CSTC team?

You got it!

Want to hear us discuss our ideas for CSTS?

You got it!

We were also very lucky to catch up with the lovely Christine Mooney the new CSTS GO for 2010!

CSTS has also revamped their website, looks shiny! Check it here!

We mention during the interview the art contest and… the entries for the 2010 CSTS Art Contest have been posted and voting is now open!

The winning logo and design will be used for the entirety of the 2010 season and there are some great choices among them. With almost 20 entries, how’s a Browncoat to decide? To view the entries and cast your vote, please head to:

The deadline for voting is March 1st so get your vote counted soon.

All of the logos have been designed by heroic Browncoats like yourself, standing up and showing their pride in such an amazing annual event. Show your support of their talents and get over to the voting page.

So? Interested? Then find us on iTunes or listen to us here!



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