Show 60! Anne’s return and the entitled fan base

Recorded from sunny Birmingham, I think we have a nice little show for you today!

As usual we have some news for you and a great interview with Anne Barringer who was the Global Organiser for CSTS last year. It was really great catching up with her and I am sure you’ll enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Wendy and I also have a discussion about how some fans may get a bit too much emotionally involved in the shows they love and some of their misconceptions. Our discussion stemmed from the following Monkey See article, we also mentioned the Torchwood panel at Comic Con SD 2009 where Russell T Davies was questioned regarding his comments of the “Torchwood” fandom’s reaction to the death of the character, Ianto, in the five-parter, “Children of Earth”, so if you wish to see that, click here.

Of course feel free to share your point of view on this whether you agree or disagree with us. If you are on Facebook and joined our Group I have started a discussion topic on this, please feel, free to join in the discussion as I am interested in what you all think about this. You can get to this discussion by clicking here.

In the news we also mentioned how you could support Browncoats Redemption so we thought we would make life a bit easier for you by giving you a direct link to their Facebook page.

Now for people in the UK, if you are interested in going to the Bristol Shindig in May, here is a link to Kumara’s page.

Finally we dropped ourself in it: we have now announced that despite Warwick not doing a CSTS this year we will be doing an affiliate screening and recording a SaW at the same time! We have not yet mapped out the details but if you are interested in taking part in this, it will be on the 10th of July 2010, then email us! 🙂

So, that’s all for our 60th episode… 60? Really? OMG Well I guess I better thank you for still being here with us!

As usual you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here.

Stay shiny and catch you next month!


3 thoughts on “Show 60! Anne’s return and the entitled fan base”

  1. Hi
    Well done on your 60th Episode. Regarding the discuasion I think that there is a degree of balance between the writers and the viewers. I agree compleately that nastiness towards those who write a progaram is not the right way to go, I do think that fans have the right to express their disatisfaction if they feel the need to. This is very different from imposing a view on the writers.

    I think what is needed is mutual respect between fans and the writers and that a longer view is often needed as you said. We as watchers need to respect the writers and the writers in turn should respect the views of those watching.



  2. Great show as usual – and I wanted to thank you for the Monkey See article on Chuck. I follow a Smallville fandom and podcast, and there are some fans that are getting really nasty about the relationship between Clark and Lois – so this article was really interesting for me. I also passed the link on to the guys that run the Smallville podcast (Starkville House of El), because the Lois & Clark “shipper” topic comes up alot and I think they may find it interesting as well.

    Stay shiny!


  3. Hiya, just wanted to agree with what you said about if you have an issue with the writing stop watching. Personally I have had enough of Heroes. It let me down too many times and despite hearing good things of the latest series I am no longer interested. So I’ve walked away.
    If the writers vision for a show differs from mine I may well comment on my journal about it or on Twitter, as we all have the right to be able to air our opinions but to start attacking the show creators themselves is just wrong. Ultimately it’s their show to do with as they see fit, yeah fine air some views but do it with respect. Folks need to remember that we are viewing someone else’s art, and it wouldn’t exist at all without them having created it in the first place…


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