Show 61: The Map of the Verse and Browncoats Redemption!

Hi there!

We had a great time recorded this show, as we always do in fact, but maybe even more so as we had two great interviews for you!

We managed to talk to Ben Mund from QMX about the Atlas of the Verse and he kindly offered a nice giveaway! If you want a file of your own planet, looking like it would belong to the map of the verse then you need to listen carefully to the podcast as 6 of our lucky listeners will get the chance to receive this superb prize! Just to give you an idea of what you would get Ben kindly made the one below for me.

The planet Karode with its 5 moons: Hoban and Kaylee (my 2 dogs) and Willow, Oakland and Rihana (my 3 cats) đŸ™‚

We also caught up with Mike Dougherty and Steven Fisher from Browncoats Redemption giving us and update on how the film is going.

In our news section we discussed a few things coming up such as the couple of Dark Horse Comics  the Dr. Horrible iPhone comic which was about to come out very soon after our recording session (I have bought it since then, as thankfully it was released on the UK iTunes as well as the US one and I loved it: it’s a nice little story giving us some background on how Billy becomes Dr. Horrible, so if you have a iPhone or iTouch, I would say it is well worth purchasing!) we also discussed the next chapter in the Serenity comics: Serenity: Float out and I personally can’t wait for that one!

We have also mentioned “Courage: the series” and I am happy to report that since recording episode 61 we have been in touch with them and we will interview them very soon, until then, check them out and their awesome trailer and get more info here!

Well, as you can see it is a packed episode, with goodies for you to win, so buckle up and enoy the ride!

As usual you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here!

Stay shiny and catch you next month!


4 thoughts on “Show 61: The Map of the Verse and Browncoats Redemption!”

  1. Great show, loved the interviews. Thanks for running our promo. Oh and probably should mention Ben Mund is AWESOME!

    Oh and congrats to Ben on his recent good news…


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