CSTS 2010: Sending A Wave Birmingham affiliate screening 10 July

Odile and I have spoken about this on the show and now is time to share our plans.

Our CSTS event will kick of with you arriving at 11:00am on 10 July.  We will be starting “SERENITY” between 11:30/11:45.  Once the film has finished FOOD and please bring a tasty tidbits and drink to share.  If the weather is good, may be a barbeque!  While everyone is chatting, we’d like to record one of our infamous episode discussions.  The episode will be “Safe” and as there will not be enough time to watch the ep, if you wish to take part, please ensure that you have watched the episode very recently.  We are proud to be able to be showing “Browncoats: Redemption” during the afternoon and we would also like to record reactions for a future show.  We will be having a donation jar, we are here to raise money for Equality Now.

8 July is  Odile’s birthday but as she is working ( and with her School’s End of Year Speech Evening on that very day she won’t be back home till very late!) she is celebrating her 40th on the 10th! You are also invited to stay on into the evening to join in the celebrations if you wish but right now Odile has no idea of what is being planed for the evening…

Now here’s the science, so read carefully: if you wish to join us (and we hope you will!), you must email us to tell us and in return you will receive the address of the venue.


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