Show 62 is out!

Hey there!

How are you doing?

Yes, we know are May show is slightly late… but I am sure it is still May somewhere… 🙂

In this show you’ll have the pleasure to hear both Wendy and Andrew (yeah!! He’s back with us!! 🙂  ) pick on me… but more importantly we are chatting with Christine the CSTS GO giving us all the latest news and gosh is there a few, especially regarding new auctions coming up: notably  some new pictures of  Capt Hammer! The first auction will begin June 23 so make your way to the CSTS website for more info!

One the TWO Float Out art cover up for grabs… soooo nice!!!
One of the picture up for grab in the CSTS auctions this year… yummy!

You will also hear us discuss our plans for our Affiliate Screening and as usual we are talking about everything and anything… enjoy the show!

As usual you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here!


2 thoughts on “Show 62 is out!”

  1. Hi guys I thought the show started out great with some really useful information on English grammar and then it went downhill as you started going on about this Firefly thing; (before I get flammed I am joking). Great show, lot’s of fun, especially liked the efforts of Wendy and Andrew to promote entente cordiale…


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