Show 63: CSTS Special

Hey there!

Yup, you are not dreaming, yo are getting a 2nd Sending a Wave within a week!

This is our June show but we decided to bring it forwards as we have dedicated this show to CSTS ad talked to 10 event organisers throughout the world so you get to know what different cities are planing to do! This of course made the show a bit time sensitive… so here you have it: 2 Sending a Wave podcast goodness in less than a week!

I was going to put a link to all the different events we covered in the show but then I thought better of it: here is a link to a page showing you ALL the event all over the world for the next 3 months!

We want to give a big THANK YOU to Sheilah from Toronto ON Canada, Anna from Portland OR USA, Will from Logan and Salt Lake City UT USA, Michael from Lawrence KS USA, Cindy from Nashville TN and WhedonFest 2010 Scottsville KY USA, Sheelagh from Edmonton AB Canada, Gayle from Vancouver BC Canada, Philippa from Bristol UK, Micki from Charlotte NC USA and Ashley from Norfolk VA  USA not UK 🙂  for giving us some time to talk to us about their events!

As usual you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here!

Enjoy the show!


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