So, what else have we been missing …?

Quite a lot actually, so let’s see if we can’t cover a lot of ground …

Heading up the list is our favourite “Firefly”/”Serenity” artist, Jason Palmer with his new additions to his “Sereni-Tee”: Jayne and “Out To The Black”

These fabulous shirts were available from Jason and his lovely wife, Elena, at San Diego Comic con (hey, fashionably late, remember?!), but I have a sneaking suspicion that one or two will be available at DragonCon next week too.

Our friends over at QMx have also released new t-shirts for our delactation, but also a new “Serenity” maquette – bobble-headed Oaty Fruity Girls:

The biggest news for Sending A Wave is that we are proud to be co-sponsoring the Whedon Universe Saturday night Shindig at Dragon*Con 2010 next week.  Wendy is returning to D*C, so be prepared – you’re wearing something vaguely “Firefly/Serenity”-ish, you might just find a small Brit sticking a recording device under your nose.


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