“Chuck” season 4 has a new UK home and the “Haarsma-thon”

The season 4 of “Chuck” starts in the UK on 14 October and moves to a new UK channel – Living.  As part of series 4, not only can we expect Linda Hamilton making an appearance as Chuck and Ellie’s mum, also Timothy Dalton is believed to be playing a character connected to Mama Bertowski.  But, of course, the best news for us Browncoats is that Summer Glau will be appearing in an episode.  Personally, I can’t wait.  I know that series 3 hasn’t been without it’s fan controversy, but I have really enjoyed it, but we could always do with more Morgan and Jeffster.

Our friends at Kids Need To Read have announced their inaugural “Haarsma-thon” in conjunction with GoDaddy.com for 6 November 2010.  What’s a “Haarsma-thon”?  Well, KNTR co-founder, P J Haarsma, will be hiking with fellow authors at the Usery Mountain Regional Park (3939 North Usery Pass Road, Mesa AZ 85207) on 6 November.  Full details (and how to sponsor PJ – seriously mate, rather you than me!) can be found here.  Also along for the day will be members of KNTR and authors Stephen Riley and Janette Rallison amongst others.  Sounds like a lot of fun, unfortunately – actually FORTUNATELY! – distance excludes our involvement or I know that Denise would have been trying to get us to attend as well!

This post wouldn’t be right without a mention of two entertainment greats that passed away this week: Tony Curtis and Stephen J Cannell.  I always enjoyed Curtis’s work and have quite a soft spot for “Trapeze” with Burt Lancaster and Gina Lollobridgida, “Spartacus”, “Some Like It Hot”, “Sweet Smell of Success” (again with Lancaster) and “The Persueders” with Roger Moore (I do think that IF any producer thought of resurrecting that show, Nathan Fillion would make quite a perfect Danny Wilde); if you have never read his autobiography, please do.  Those of us who were watching US shows of the 70’s couldn’t fail to miss a Stephen J Cannell production.  “The Rockford Files” was a favourite of mine and how we just loved it when a plan came together in “The A-Team”; not all of his shows were screened in the UK, but even in the somewhat technology-challenged 80’s, but there were ways and means …

Sending A Wave send our condolences to the families of Eddie Fisher, Tony Curtis and Stephen J Cannell.



3 thoughts on ““Chuck” season 4 has a new UK home and the “Haarsma-thon””

  1. Ha! You know me too well! But, I wouldn’t have made you suffer too badly. The cacti, scorpions, Black Widow spiders, and rattlesnakes would have taken care of that for me. 😉

    ❤ Denise


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