Show 69: ‘Verse and Redemption

Happy Birthday!!!

No, it’s not our birthday but Serenity will have premiered in the UK just about 5 years ago… so, Happy Birthday Serenity!

In this episode, Wendy and I reminisce in our Serenity experience and I learn something I did not know about Wendy… want to know what? Listen to the show! 🙂


We discuss how the Browncoat community can be such a brilliant, productive community and how this short lived TV series seems to have the gift to inspire people to do things! We all know about all the great things done so far but we also wanted to talk about the smaller things such as our friend Colleen Bement’s project inspired by Doctor Horrible. For more info check the following facebook page.

We catch up with Michael Dougherty to see how the Redemption project is doing after Dragon Con and to thank him for their great offer. Find more about it here!

Finally we have a great interview with Lauren Moore aka ‘Verse, a great up and coming musician from Indiana. Her music has been inspired by Firefly and we simply love it! She has also produced the music we are using on our new outro (yes Wendy, I am using the correct terminology 🙂  ) and she promised to make an other piece for our intro! (I can’t wait to hear it!!).

If you want to go and listen to her music try her sound cloud here and please go and visit her facebook page!

You can find us on iTunes or listen to us here.

Hope you enjoy the show and see you in a month!

As promised in the show here is her latest video!


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