November Bonus Show: John Mullaney

During his speech at the London premiere for “The Return of the King”, Peter Jackson said, “this is a long film and I’m a bit concerned about the water that you’ve all been given so pace yourself, okay?”; by that same token, this is the longest show we have ever released at about 120 mins so you can’t say we haven’t warned you.

Last Thursday (11 November), I was able to meet with John Mullaney, the artist of the wonderful and fantastic “Serenity Cutaways” available from QMx or if you wish for something as little “more”, signed artists proofs are available directly from John’s website,  We had a great conversation where not only did we cover his work with QMx, but in typical Sending A Wave style, went off onto various tangents – and I hope that you also find it enjoyable.

As part of his website and this is also on QMx’s site, but we are also adding it here; John filmed a great short video about producing the Serenity cutaways which, if you haven’t watched already, please do to appreciate the painstaking attention that John applies to his projects.

Lastly, as part of the interview, John mentions a “spot the prop” competition which will be running on both his website and QMx and we read out the list of items, but we are also including them here to give our listeners a head start – so grab your magnifying glass and get searching for the following:

  • Vera
  • Ball and hoop (as featured in the beginning of “Bushwhacked”)
  • Engine catalyser
  • Model toy of Han Solo in carbonite
  • Simon’s bag
  • River’s cryo box
  • Ship’s paper (the wallet!)
  • Grenades (yes, the ones that Jayne wasn’t allowed to take with him in “SERENITY”)
  • Mal’s browncoat
  • and two for Inara: her long bow and the incense/flash bomb

Plenty to find, I think you’ll agree.

I’m pretty confident that this will not be the only time we have John on the show and both Odile and I look forward to the next time and I want to thank John for meeting with me on Thursday.


So… got a couple of hours and you want to know more? Then you can find us on iTunes or listen to us here.

Hope you enjoy the show and see you in a month!

As promised here is the link to get to the Mashable website:

Don’t forget to go and nominate @browncoatsmovie for the following two categories:

  • Must-Follow Non-Profit
  • Most Creative Social Good Campaign

Don’t forget: you can nominate them once a day everyday until November 29th!

And finally, for your browncoaty Xmas needs: you can receive a $2 discount on “Redemption” for being a wonderful listener.

When you buy from input the following at when checking out:

Discount code: saw2010

This will give you $2 off the cost of the DVD – this does NOT impact on the charitable donation that your purchase generates, but will be applied to the production costs (ie cost of DVD, shipping, etc).





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