“Browncoats: Redemption” Shorty Awards

If you are on Twitter, or know friends and family that are, please nominate @browncoatsmovie for #charity and add whatever reason you want behind “because…” otherwise the vote doesn’t count. Scapers, BSG fans, Firefly fans, indie film fans (they are doing a business model that’s never been done before), or people who just love to support charity based work.
You can cast your vote at:
Nominations run through the end of January 2011 which means we won’t be asking you to do this after January.
Be as creative as you want with the reason
A tweet that does not give a reason for the nomination will not be counted
The nomination must be relevant to the category
Only one person and one category per tweet. Which means Voting for the same person in the same category more than once just replaces the text of your original vote; it does not count as an additional vote. This is why we need your help reaching out for more supporters.
Please cast a vote and ask your individual communities to do so as well. We recently were a finalist for the Mashable Awards for Most Creative Social Good Campaign, but got outvoted by @TwitChange.

“If you can’t do something smart; do something right.”



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