All change for the show

Both Odile and I are pleased to announce changes to the podcast.

Firstly we are branching out on our own and wish to thank Andrew for all his incredible help, encouragement and most importantly, web space!  So the first change is that our back catalog is now unavailable to download; however, we will still be making certain shows available and if a new listener wishes to hear any of the past shows, please contact us and we can accommodate.

Second change is our contact details – we now have a new email,

I have no doubt that there will be teething problems as we move forward, and I hope that you all stay with us and let us know if there are any issues which we can fix.

Wendy and Odile


4 thoughts on “All change for the show”

  1. The SAW podcast is no longer available on the iTunes Canada store. Probably all iTunes stores. From recent experience with iTunes when podcast change server, switching to the new server is not automatic done. So will check out the SAW twitterfeed for update.

    Burton from Montreal, Canada


  2. Hi Burton

    Thanks for this and your patience. Yes, our Twitter feed and Facebook (and here of course! :D) will be the best way to keep up to date with the move.

    Take care


  3. I’m also from Canada Nova Scotia to be exact and I have also noticed the feed was missing. Can’t wait to hear more from you lovely ladies.
    Ordith (Julie from Halifax) (NS_Scaper on Twitter)


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