Show 74.The One With Melissa And The Johnny Snows ELE

So we are back… hope you are able to find us!

In this show we are chatting with Melissa Honig from the Browncoat Ball 2011 which is pretty special for Odile… but you’ll have to listen to find out why!

To get more information on the Browncoat Ball, you can visit their website here. You can also join their facebook page here!

We also finally managed to catch up with the Johnny Snows a very creative and inspiring fan group. They talk to us about their first fan video based on Doctor Horrible. You can watch it below!

Now, as many of you know we had to change our server and this meant we lost our iTunes feed, it should come back up soon.

However you can already subscribe to the feed manually if you click on “Advanced” in the iTunes menu, then on Subscribe to Podcast and copy and paste the following feed:


You can also find the file to download using this same address but please download the file you want to listen to rather than streaming the files.

Hope  you’ll enjoy the show!


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