Lots of things …

First things first – work continues to pervade, hence the reason why blogs are not regular and why they can tend to be long when posted.

Second; yes, we have a new feed, but yes, we are having issues with iTunes which we think has everything to do with the poor iTunes people having to listen to 73 shows before giving the okay.  Odile believes that she has resolved the issue by creating a new new feed which only gives the lovely iTunes one show to listen to and from there we can work backwards.  Both Odile and I want to thank you all for your patience, we are sorting this out one thing at a time and will get there. On a much more personal level, I want to thank Odile for ALL her work on this – I, for one, very much appreciate it.

In best UK “Top Gear” tradition, moving on …

If you are in the Huntington area of NY on 12 March, you want to be at the Cinema Arts Centre (yes, I’m English – deal with it :D) supporting the live performances of both “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “Once More With Feeling” as well as the screening of both.  The organisers are also having a costume competition and Whedon quiz.  It kicks off at 23:00 on 12 March and the full address is: Cinema Arts Center, 423 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY – sorry don’t have a zip code.  There are also more details on the NYC Browncoats Yahoo page.  Break a leg to all involved and hope you have a fabulous time.

Okay, that was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be.



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