Time for catch up!

Wow it’s a very dismal, gray day here in Blighty, so let’s try to brighten things up with one of my marathon catch up posts!

First off, is the sad news that NBC cancelled “The Cape” which starred Summer Glau.  The rumblings really started when NBC reduced their episode order, but unfortunately this is the way of television.  But, Summer made a film called “The Legend of Hell’s Gate” which is a western and it’s having it’s premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival which takes place 31 March to 10 April and it is also screening as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival 28 April to 5 May.  If any of our readers/listeners make it to one of the screenings, you must let us know what you think of it.

I’d like to think that our ongoing “moreseanmaher” hashtag is having a remarkable effect, but I know that the reality is that it is Sean’s talent that has landed him a role in a new pilot, “Playboy”.  This is going to be set in the Playboy club in Chicago in 1963 and will follow “Nick Dalton” (Eddie Cibrian, “Third Watch”) as a local attorney, club keyholder and “fixer who knows how to make problems disappear, he also has mysterious ties to the mob.”  No knowledge on Sean’s role, but Deadline Hollywood said that the role would be “recurring”.  If you do not do so already, please follow Sean on Twitter (@sean_m_maher).  Also, Sean (along with Mark Sheppard) are currently scheduled to be attending the London Film and Comic Con 8-10 July at London’s Earls Court.

Continuing with his reputation as one never to let the grass grow under his feet, Alan Tudyk has two films being shown at US film festivals between now and the end of April.  First up is “Conception” about 9 couples trying to conceive:

This premiers at the Palm Beach Film Festival on 25 March at 19:15.  You can find all details at the Palm Beach Film Festival website.

Alan’s next film, “Beautiful Boy” (starring Michael Sheen and Maria Bello) is a drama about a couple who learn that their son has committed murder on  his college campus:

This is also being screened as part of the Dallas International Film Festival.  The website alantudykonline.com reported that this was scheduled for a UK release in early March, if it was then unfortunately it was a “blink-and-you-missed-it” opening.

Lastly, Alan has been cast in the pilot, “Suburgatory” for ABC which will tell the story of a father moving his teenage daughter from Manhattan to her version of purgatory: The Suburbs.  The website, cinemablend.com, is reported as saying that Alan has been cast as a college friend of the father who has lived in the suburbs for years.

We certainly have our fingers crossed that both pilots are picked up.

If you follow Jewel Staite on Twitter (and why not?!), you cannot fail to acknowledge that when it comes to wine bars and restaurants, she definitely has a nose and tastebuds for all things grape, grain and culinary.  So I’m really pleased to mention her wonderful foodie blog at happyopu.net and apologise for not mentioning it earlier.  Should the various airline taxes ever allow me to scrape up enough cash to find myself in Los Angeles again, I know where I’m checking out restaurant/wine bar recommendations!

If you are a Wash/Zoe-shipper there is a fanlisting group, “Autumn Flower” dedicated to this pairing at strongisfighting.org/washzoe



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