Show 75: The One With CSTS 2011

This kickstarts our annual Can’t Stop The Serenity coverage!

Odile and I are pleased to welcome back Simon Forster of the Browncoats of Gloucester to talk about his CSTS screening and forthcoming Winter Ball.

Continuing the theme, we welcome William Pace back to the show (Odile spoke with him last year regarding his CSTS event un Utah) in his current role as CSTS Global Event Coordinator for an update of where CSTS events and organisation are at the moment.  If you are interested in either organising an event or simply just want to know if there is one on your location, go to their website here.

We are both pleased to once again be continuing our support for CSTS.


As promised here is a link to Lauren Moore’s Sound Cloud please go and visit it as she is a fabulous artist!

You can find our podcast on itunes, here is a direct link to our page, and if you like us please make sure you leave us some feedback! Of course you can also download the show directly from here!

Take care for now!



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