Bonus Show 75 (a): The One Where We Don’t HNBFF

This is the first of two bonus shows this month!

As the dust settles on recent events within the Browncoat community, and after much discussion, Odile and I agreed to record our thoughts regarding this latest attempt to resurrect “Firefly” and why neither of us could support this initiative.



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4 thoughts on “Bonus Show 75 (a): The One Where We Don’t HNBFF”

  1. I had heard about this in passing, but was unaware that it had blossomed into an internet spectacle.

    Although, it would be nice to see new Firefly product – it wouldn’t be same. And to be honest, when I return to the original series and the film it is the same as revisiting a book I have read. The story, characters and their adventures are still waiting for you to rediscover them all over again.


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