Show 76: The Ones That Blew Us Away


Welcome to our April show, number 76.

In this show, we indulge in chocolate (it is almost Easter, after all!), wine (no change there!) and we speak with Matt and Deb from Nottingham ( in the UK regarding their unique CSTS affiliate in August and Ashley Pitts from the Tidewater Browncoats (on Facebook look for “Tidewater Serenity”, website is about their CSTS event.

This show introduces our biggest change to date for the podcast – we now have new intro and outro music.  We thank Lauren Moore for allowing us to use her fabulous composition and please see the show notes for our main March show for a link to her Sound Cloud.

You can find our podcast on itunes, here is a direct link to our page, and if you like us please make sure you leave us some feedback! Of course you can also download the show directly from here!

Odile & Wendy

Here are links to some of the podcasts we mentioned in the episodes:

Waffle On Podcast A podcast talking about Classic Television and Film from all around the world.

Jokerfilemedia Home of the The2ndDoctors Podcast and of Professor How “The Doctor Who Parody“ Podcast


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