Just Another Periodical Update …

Know what, I’m going to stop apologising – we’re all busy, right?  We all understand the score, right?

During the past couple of days, the US main TV networks have been announcing their renewals, pick ups and cancellations, so what does that mean for our BDH’s?

As followers of Nathan Fillion’s work and “Castle” fans (“Castillions”) are aware, ABC made the decision to renewal “Castle” for a fifth series in January.  Midweek, last week, Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly, tweeted that it looked like NBC had decided to renew “Chuck” and this was confirmed within forty-eight hours by the network.  They also announced that they were picking up “Playboy”, a drama set around the Chicago Playboy Club in the 60’s in which Sean Maher starred in the pilot and according to Nikki Finke’s “Deadline Hollywood” website, he signed for a recurring role.  Followers of Sean’s Twitter feed (@Sean_M_Maher) will have read that he shot his scenes in Chicago, but no word on whether the show will remain there or relocate back to Los Angeles as “Castle” did.  By Friday, ABC had announced that it was cancelling “V”.

From a Browncoat perspective, the big recent news has come from the California Browncoats regarding their CSTS 2011 screening on 25 June.  In case you have missed this (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!), not only are Amanda Sullivan and Jessica Neuwirth flying in from Equality Now’s main New York office to thank Browncoats for all our efforts fundraising on their behalf, but Joss Whedon is taking a quick break from shooting “THE AVENGERS” to also make an appearance at the event.  Tickets are selling quickly, but if you can be there and move quickly enough, you can find all details on the California Browncoats website.

Lastly, UK Nathan Fillions fans?  Still not seen the funny (and-still-stands-up-better-than-“Friends”) show “Two Guys And A Girl” co-starring Ryan Reynolds?  Check for listings for the 5* channel, ‘cos they’re repeating it now.  Why this show is still not available on DVD is a complete mystery to me!



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