Show 78 (a): The One With Unstoppable Michael

Okay, geddit – the play on …  Oh never mind – all will come clear!

When Odile and I were show planning (yes, it takes planning to look this disorganised), we never thought that we would have enough content for two shows in June.

We are pleased that the Unstoppable Signals team of Tom and Jeremy agreed to speak with us about HNBF and and its successor, Unstoppable Signals, about their history and, more importantly, the future.  Their website is here.

And always a pleasure, never a chore, Mike Dougherty shows that men really can multi-task by speaking with us while having his car brakes checked while filling us in the latest for “Browncoats: Redemption” now that they are into the last 80 days of the project.

We know that we have harked on about this for what seems like an eternity, but this project is now in the last 10 weeks of its life, and so, please if you are still not sure as to whether to donate to this particular Browncoat cause, don’t think about it – just do it.  Just follow the sticky at the stop of the page.

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Odile & Wendy


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